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27th November, 2018

The email below was sent from Depaul's Jason Eades to Glibert (our Parish finance manager).  

Dear Gilbert,


Further to your email exchange with my colleague Hannah earlier in the month I am delighted to be able to let you know that your generous donation £800 has now been safely received into Depaul International‘s bank account. As instructed the donation will be restricted towards our work in Ukraine. Please do pass on my thanks to all your parishioners at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Stroud.


Your donation will help Depaul to keep our vital services going to assist those who are marginalised in Ukraine. It is extra special as 2019 marks Depaul’s 30th anniversary. Our services in Ukraine provide urgent relief to people, both young and old, who often have no other means of support, who have become homeless, including refugees and the internally displaced, and are struggling to survive. We are now helping thousands of homeless people each year in Ukraine - so, from all of us, a very heartfelt Thank You. Your gift will literally help us transform the lives of the poorest of the poor.


I thought I would also share with you a statement issued by Cardinal Vincent Nichols to mark Depaul’s 30th anniversary he said: “Sadly, today the need for Depaul’s work is greater than ever. As I look back on the thirty years of Depaul’s work, I thank God for the continuing and vibrant inspiration of St Vincent de Paul. I congratulate Depaul on all that has been achieved to date and I encourage wide support for this great work which continues to serve some of the world’s most vulnerable people.”


I have attached our latest 2018/2019 Impact Report and Who we are leaflet which informs you more about of our work in Ukraine and the 6 other countries we now work in. Please do feel free to share with your parishioners.


Again many thanks to you and your parishioners for your continued generous support, which is truly appreciated by everyone at Depaul.


Best wishes,



Senior Partnerships Manager

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