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Email from Fr Simon Khurshid

15th October, 2017

Dear Friends,


Greetings in Christ. I hope this email finds you in good health.


We arranged for the annual pilgrimage of mother Mary on 6, 7 and 8th October 2017. The topic for the annual pilgrimage this year was “FORGIVENESS AND ACCEPTANCE”. Rev. Fr. Samuel George, Rev. Fr. Abid Tanvir and Rev. Fr. Bonnie Mendes were the main celebrants for the three days. Rev. Fr. Riaz Gosal, Rev. Fr. Nadeem John Shakir and Rev. Fr. Simon Khurshid were the speakers for these three days. All the three speakers very beautifully spoke about Mother Mary, Forgiving others and accepting others. St. Albert’s High school under the supervision of Holy Family sisters performed the Crowning. Children from different areas of the Parish were invited to perform the mysteries of the Holy Rosary and tablows. More than 2000 people attended this Holy gathering. At the end of each day, folk singers were invited to praise the Lord and Mother Mary.


May God Bless you


In Christ


Fr. Simon Khurshid

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