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Parish Charitable Donations

Our Parish makes donations to charitable organisations like Depaul, and Fr Simon Kurshid's parish in Punjab province.

Fr Simon Kurshid

For the past few years Fr Simon Kurshid has been given a payment as part of our annual "5% for Charity" which goes to the Third World and the homeless/destitute.

The payment goes directly from us, in the form of a bank transfer organised by the Diocesan Office, to Fr Simon.

Fr Simon works with the poor in Punjab province, and he emails our Parish several times a year, with updates and photos.

The images in the slideshow at the top show the construction of a school - a project of Fr Simon's, which was partly funded by our donations.

Charity News


November 29, 2019

Our parish made a donation of £800 to the Deapaul charity to aid them in their work with homeless people in Ukraine.  

Happy Easter

March 31, 2018

Dear Friends,

Greetings in Christ. I hope this emails finds you in good health.


Rejoice! For the savior of the world has risen. Wishing you all a very happy Easter filled with plenty of love and happiness. Easter is God’s blessing to the world. It’s his way of telling us that love and hope still exist in the world.


Please keep the Christians in Pakistan in your prayers. May God Bless you

In Christ

Fr. Simon Khurshid

You would very happy to know that one of our Churches in the villages of Sacred Heart Parish was consecrated by His Excellency Dr. Bishop Joseph Arshad (Bishop of Faisalabad Diocese) on 2nd December 2017.

We recently received an email from Depaul's Jason Eades, explaining a little about the sort of work that our donation helps them to carry out.

Read Father Simon's email about his parish's pilgrimage of Mother Mary.

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